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Last week was the second week of school, and the first full week back. Plus, I had pottery class on Tuesday, Wednesday night I had an executive committee meeting for the Parents’ Club at the high school, a jump start conference for my 6th grader and crochet club, and Thursday was my birthday, for which we went out to dinner, then the girl had her first tumbling class on the other side of town. It was a busy, exhausting week. I did make a bit of a menu plan, but I never got around to finishing it and posting it here. We did manage to only eat out on my birthday, though, which I was very happy about–that was a planned night out after all.

Then this weekend I spent a boatload of money. I went to Costco and bought a chest freezer! It really wasn’t that expensive, but I also did a big shop (gotta put some stuff in that freezer after all, 😉 ), and I filled my gas tank. I told the kids when I got home that we have lots of food, but once that is gone we will have to wait until next month to get any more, lol.

I am ridiculously excited to have the freezer. There are so many things I can do with it! The girl is selling frozen pizzas and cookie dough to fund her choir trip, so it will be good to have the freezer space to store that stuff while she is arranging to deliver it to the people who ordered from her. But I can also come home from Costco without panicking that all the food won’t fit in the smallish freezer over my fridge! I can blanch veggies from the garden and freeze them for use all winter! I can do some freezer meals! Did I mention that my excitement is a bit ridiculous?

This week I have plenty of food to choose from since I just went to Costco, so planning is easy in one way. I have plenty of food and I don’t have to get too creative in making meals. On the other hand, I tend to get overwhelmed by lots of choices. All the more reason to plan ahead, though–just think if I had to come home exhausted every day and then still decide what to make. Yuck. We would eat out, I know, and we can’t afford that after all the money I spend this weekend.

With the Labor Day Holiday weekend, I am planning just a bit ahead this week. We are having family from out of town over on Sunday, so I want to make sure I am ready for them.

Sunday: Burgers (we were exhausted from getting the freezer in plus all the shopping, so this was nice and easy)

Monday: Bacon wrapped chicken tenders, low carb zucchini hashbrowns (I don’t have the French’s onions, but I am sure it will still be good), broccoli

Tuesday: Burger or leftovers

Wednesday: Crackslaw

Thursday: Sausage and Eggplant Stew

Friday: Hot wings, bratwurst, broccoli

Saturday: Dinner with a friend or leftovers

Sunday: Avocado and bacon deviled eggs, bratwurst, burgers, broccoli, fries, squash casserole, pickled beets, low carb key lime cheesecake

You may notice that there is a lot of squash on that menu. I mean, it isn’t every night, but maybe it should be–I have so much squash from my garden still. I also made a delicious curried lamp stew with a giant zucchini today for lunch. Hooray, I thought, one less zucchini. Then I took the dog outside to do her business and found another big one needing to be picked, plus several more getting close. I wish the kids liked summer squashes more. I need some good low carb recipes that they would like. Anyone have recommendations?

As always, lots more ideas can be found at



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    • I plan to do some refrigerator pickles with all the cucumbers I have from the garden this year, too–it is crazy! I am glad you suggested this, because if I want some for this weekend when family is coming over (and I do….), I should make them soon!

    • I make a very similar recipe with feta cheese and sour cream. I sub soy sour cream, but the feta I get is goat and sheep milk, which doesn’t seem to bother me as much.

      Your pork tenderloins sound delicious–what kind of spice did you use?

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