Menu, Week of 9/1



I know it is Thursday, not Monday–it’s been a rough week.

My poor little girl was injured at cheer practice last week–on her birthday. One minute she is texting me asking if she can invite three friends along for dinner, and practically the next minute, the athletic trainer is calling to tell me to meet them at Children’s Hospital. She was back spotting a stunt, and the flyer fell and hit her in the side of the head. They put her in a brace and on a board and she was not a happy camper, let me tell you. Especially when she discovered the neck brace she has to wear for a couple of weeks means no driving test, because you have to be able to turn your head to drive. Not the best 16th birthday, huh?

Fortunately, nothing appears to be broken. The boy and I have been catering to her a bit, but she gets a bit better each day, able to do a bit more. She gets very tired, though. She is back at school today, and I expect she will be exhausted when she gets home.

I know how she feels, a bit. My neck doesn’t hurt, but I am so tired. We had family in town this weekend, and we did a bit of running around with them, plus a lot of cleaning and cooking to have everyone over on Sunday. The house did need the cleaning (still does need some, actually), so it is nice to have a lot of stuff done, but we were a bit short-handed–the girl did help, but she was limited in what she could do.

This week we are back to work and school, but we are glad to be having a shortened week!

Sunday: covered in last week’s menu–we didn’t do the burgers, beets or fries, though, and my cousin brought a fruit tray

Monday: At my aunt’s–ribs, pork tenderloin, chicken and dumplings casserole, salad, potato salad, pickled beets

Tuesday: Burgers

Wednesday: Kielbasa and cabbage

Thursday: Meatloaf, broccoli

Friday: leftovers

As always, many more ideas can be found at


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