Theoretical Physics Tonight


large hadron collider


Tonight I am taking my kids to see a lecture on The Higgs Boson and the Fate of the Universe at our local zoo. When I saw the event, I knew right away my kids would want to go–the boy says he is either going to be an engineer or a theoretical physicist when he grows up, and we are all huge Big Bang Theory fans. My good friend Billie and her adult son are going, too; it is fun for all ages.

I love that my kids are interested in this kind of thing, and that we have a great culture in this city that supports public learning for free. The lecture is co-sponsored by the St. Louis Zoo and the Academy of Science in St. Louis, which promotes the advancement and integration of science and technology into contemporary society. The Academy has a Junior Academy program that I think I will be suggesting to both kids. I would love to integrate more science activities into our free time, but I have not been as good about planning those as I would have hoped. This sounds perfect!

What do you do to encourage science learning for your kids or yourselves? Am I missing some great ideas?


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  1. So far my daughter is more into mathematics, more so than science. Maybe in time she will lean towards it since they are related, But hey awesome job in encouraging your children 🙂

    • My daughter is more math oriented, too, actually, and she ended up staying home to do homework. My son and I really enjoyed the talk, though. It was a bit high level for him (he’s 11), but he understood enough to enjoy it.

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