A Sisyphean Task…



How is it that I spent the whole weekend cleaning, and my house doesn’t look that much better?

Okay, technically, I wasn’t cleaning so much as reorganizing for much of the time, and it does look some better. I got rid of several books, which is always hard for me, and I moved about half of our board games from the family room (where I want to start putting all of my art and craft stuff) to the dining room (where we usually sit to play games anyway). Getting rid of several books is a huge victory for me, too. I am terrible about wanting to keep every book I have in my possession for any length of time.

Not only did I get rid of books, I made a stack of books that I have failed to get rid of in the past, but also have failed to pick up to read, passing them over again and again. I have to start reading them,  give them a fair chance, and if I find I don’t really want to keep reading, I will add them to the give away pile. I figure this is a win-win tactic–each time I’ll either find a book I really enjoy, or be able to give away another book guilt-free. I’ve already put two more books in the give away pile!

Also, I didn’t actually spend the whole weekend cleaning or organizing. I also posted here, made more wands with my kids, went to a friend’s retirement party and went to dinner at my parents’ house. It just felt like I cleaned all weekend, and I want it to be over. I want the house to be clean, and then I want to be done with the whole cleaning thing.  I know that isn’t going to happen, but I continue to be surprised at the entropy of life. Didn’t I already check off cleaning the house? It doesn’t work that way? Damn!

Well, I got rid of a few things, and I moved a few things around to get the house more organized. That is something, right?


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