Awesome Depeche Mode Cover


It has been a long difficult day, so I have a fun video in place of a thoughtful blog post tonight. You may have seen this around the web somewhere, but this is the link where I first saw it (from a friend’s Facebook share). It has so many awesome things–kids, homemade instruments, Depeche Mode, cute guy–it is bound to cheer you up no matter what kind of day you had. Enjoy!


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  1. Depeche Mode! Gosh that really takes me back! Andy the blond keyboard player worked in the same life assurance office as me, when the group were just starting up, he used to wear make-up to the office. I remember him signing copies of their first single, in the reception!
    Thanks for sharing Susan.

    • Ha, they weren’t vintage back then, though, lol. I had this great hair cut with one side nearly shaved off, and the rest in layers…well, it was great back then, and my mother sure hated it, so I count it as a win!

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