Buy Nothing New Christmas: More Ideas


foil painting

I feel like I write this post, or some version of it, all the time. Even though other people seem to have this reuse/recycle thing down, I struggle with it mightily. It is just so much easier to head the the craft or hardware store to buy supplies! You can get exactly what you want! I do like working within the constraints of only using what you have available, but sometimes I have a clear vision and no patience to wait to find the things I need.

I already talked about some ideas in my last Buy Nothing New Christmas post, but I have been thinking further, and I wanted to document these ideas as well. Only the first idea below is really new to me, but I like the idea of pulling these together under the BNNC concept.

  • My son and I have been working on Arduino a bit. I bought some kits and a soldering iron this summer, and he was very enthusiastic for a while, but it got put aside. I have to confess, I haven’t encouraged it as much as I might because those electronic parts are expensive! I found this great tutorial on Make for salvaging parts from old electronics though, and I am inspired to at least investigate.

  • I have been determined to go to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for a while now, but I just haven’t made it. Part of my problem was that the original store in our area is closed on Sundays, and Saturdays just seemed too busy for me to make it out there. The new store is open on Sundays, though, so maybe I will make it out there soon!

  • I find my yard to be a great place to find craft supplies, as suggested in this post on free supplies. I do have a lovely birch tree with peeling bark and a creek with many natural supplies, but I have also found many non-nature supplies there, like the lawnmower-chewed DS game and the metallic square I used in the mixed media painting at the top of this post. I know where the game came from–my son dropped it and could not find it until after lawn mowing day–but I have no idea where the square came from. I liked the look of it, though, and saved it. It was just what I needed when I did this piece.

  • I really want to do something with all the outgrown children’s clothing I have in my basement–either T-shirt yarn or a denim blanket or possibly some other idea I haven’t come across yet.

Does anyone have other creative supply ideas I am missing?

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