Thanksgiving Dinner Menu



Once I got the important decisions about Thanksgiving out of the way last week, I lost momentum for menu planning. I had to do something, though, as I could not possibly serve desserts only to my family on Thursday. I mean, sure, my dad and son will grill a turkey, but I have to have some vegetables on the table, or I will lose all credibility with my children forever. How can I tell them to eat healthy foods if I serve them nothing but turkey and desserts?

So, side dishes it is! My friend Billie is going to give me some fresh bread dough to bake for the family, since I won’t be making any bread.

Mushroom cauliflower stuffing, based on this recipe – I am pretty sure I will be the only one eating this, but I don’t care, it looks so good! I will take out the carrots and celery, and maybe add some sausage.
Roasted butternut squash
Green beans sauteed with bacon
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Nutmeg mushrooms
Sugar-free cranberry sauce
Sweet potatoes mashed with coconut milk and cinnamon

I’m not sure about the sweet potatoes (very carb-y!), but the rest looks pretty good. What are you making for Thanksgiving?

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  1. I put this on FB too: roast turkey with giblet gravy, cornbread sausage pecan stuffing, make ahead mashed potatoes, & oven roasted green beans & mushrooms with a balsamic glaze. Mom is bringing something with cranberries, and two pies.

    • That looks good, and probably less crazy than my menu, lol. I can’t seem to cut down the menu–I have a couple of times when it was just my parents, but the kids are with me this year, so I am making too much again. I make just about everything, too–all but the turkey.

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