Getting a Start on Thanksgiving


There are two keys to a successful big meal: cooking a few things ahead and having a plan. I got started on this meal yesterday, making cranberry sauce while I made dinner.  Then today I made the first of the desserts: apricot-almond cake.

apricot cake

Originally, I’d planned to make this a raspberry cake, but I didn’t read the recipe closely enough. I bought frozen raspberries, but the recipe calls for sugar-free jam. Luckily, I did have some sugar-free jam on hand, but it was apricot. I like apricot though, and I had already started making the cake when I realized my mistake, so I went with it. It smelled amazing, but I am resisting until tomorrow.

Other than that I didn’t get a lot of cooking done today. I baked some sweet potatoes so that all I have to do is mash them with some coconut cream and cinnamon tomorrow. I made some coconut oil candies to distract myself from the cake.  I did get a lot of kitchen cleaning done, which will help me get a good start tomorrow.

Here is my rough plan for the day:

  1. Key lime cheesecake–that will need some time to set up in the fridge
  2. Cauli-rice dressing, cooked, then set aside to be re-heated before we eat
  3. Slice mushrooms for cooking later
  4. Mix up pumpkin pudding/crustless pie
  5. Put Brussels sprouts into the oven 45 minutes before we eat
  6. Put butternut squash in 15 minutes later
  7. Saute green beans with bacon
  8. Saute mushrooms
  9. Put pumpkin pie in oven as we are getting ready to eat

Overall, I think this will be a pretty easy day, actually. I still need to do some table clearing in the dining room, and I would like to do some other cleaning, too, but I will have the kids to help, and although there are a lot of dishes, most of them don’t take a lot of work.

Do you have a plan for the day? Is it much easier than mine?


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  1. No special plan for today as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here! I am starting to plan Christmas dinner though, as I will be cooking it for the first time ever!
    Hope you have a good and happy day!

    • Good luck with Christmas dinner! We usually do a much less involved Christmas dinner, often sandwiches, dips, veggie trays and the like. I am doing a meal for Christmas Eve this year though–I do that every other year, based on whether my kids are with their dad or me on that night. That will be my next big meal plan, 🙂 .

      • Ah that sounds cool! Our Christmas dinner is usually more like Thanksgiving dinner – a big roast dinner with all the trimmings, lots of deserts, and then everyone snoozes in front of a seasonal film! Well this year, my dinner will be on the 24th too because here in France that’s their big dinner day (in Ireland, where I am from, it’s the 25th). Best of luck with your dinner too! 🙂

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