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Menu, Week of 12/1


We had an eventful weekend. My daughter had a car accident, and the important thing is that no one was hurt. On the other hand, the minivan was pretty damaged, and it is old enough to not be worth repairing–the thing is only worth about $1000, and I would be shocked if we could get it repaired for twice that. Luckily, my brother sells cars and he found the perfect replacement vehicle for us It is another Ford Windstar, 3 years newer than the old one, and it didn’t cost very much!

Isn't it pretty? The power doors and the heater work! The back windshield wiper works! Hmm, maybe I needed a new van anyway....

Isn’t it pretty? The power doors and the heater work! The back windshield wiper works! Hmm, maybe I needed a new van anyway….

Now we are ready for a nice uneventful week (hopefully!), and we are not looking to spend any money for a while. We stocked up at Costco right before this started, so we should be in good shape. We are getting back to eating at the dinner table every night–we used to be so good about that, but lately we are struggling a bit. It does make the evenings go better, and limits the amount of TV we watch, though, so I am keeping at it.

Sunday: Salmon burgers, leftover veggies

Monday: Chicken Thigh Supper, mashed sweet potatoes, green beans and bacon

Tuesday: Thanksgiving leftovers

Wednesday: Salmon casserole with green beans and cauliflower, noodles for the kids, sauteed spinach

Thursday: Hamburgers, buttered broccoli, sauteed mushrooms

Friday: Bacon and mushroom omelette, salad

Saturday: Appetizers at a trivia night–I am thinking avocado bacon devilled eggs and maybe a Spanish frittata with carmelized onions and some kind of tomato-red pepper sauce

As always, you can find a lot more ideas on orgjunkie.com.

Menu, Week of 12/26

This is the the-kids-are-gone-and-I-have-to-go-back-to-work-after-vacation version of a menu, so not terribly inspired. Also, it is late, because I had to go out and buy cheap Christmas stuff and craft supplies today. Hey, it’s a family tradition, what can I say?

Monday: Leftovers–salmon, veggie risotto, chocolate pecan pie

Tuesday: Kielbasa with cooked cabbage

Wednesday: Leftovers or out with a friend

Thursday: Red beans and rice, steamed broccoli

Friday: Probably leftovers or out

Saturday: Pizza, appetizers, snacky stuff for New Year’s Eve

We had a pretty good Christmas. Thanks to my foresight in purchasing my own present, I am set to have some fun craft projects keeping me busy for the foreseeable future. In addition to the supplies I bought today, I was able to order a lot more from Amazon, because my brother gave me a nice gift card. The kids got 9-inch portable DVD players from my brother (this was the great deal I posted about back in November–$50, down from $129, and the Target by my mom’s house had them on an endcap in the Market section, which was why there were plenty left when we got there around noon), and those kept them occupied, along with a 3DS (the boy) and an awesome book I picked out for the girl–Divergent, by Veronica Roth–which I can’t wait to steal when she is finished reading.

How were your holidays?

This post will be linked up over at orgjunkie.com–head over for more inspiration (hopefully a lot more than my not very inspiring menu!)