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Friday Fragments, 11/22



I have made no progress on re-arranging my arts and craft supplies this week. I was hopeful that I had some good momentum going after last week, but I ran out of energy a bit. I do have some time off next week, though, and in addition to cooking for Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas, I am hoping to get a bit more shifting and de-cluttering done.


One thing I have done thanks to my bout of book organizing and general re-arranging last week is to pick up several books that I have been meaning to read. I have been picking up classics of feminist science fiction in used bookstores for a while now, and I have read several of them, but lately I have been too hooked on my Nook to actually dip into that treasure trove. This week I read Still Forms on Foxfield by Joan Slonczewski and Zenna Henderson’s Pilgrimage: The Book of the People.

Both books are remarkable in their own right as examples of great science fiction written by women, but I was also struck at the strong role of religion in both books. Without getting into the actual religious messages, I found it interesting that I would randomly pick two science fiction books out of my collection and find that they both have such strong religious themes, as that is not terribly common in sf books.


I really want to go to WisCon in May. I am so sad to have missed Joan Slonczewski and Jo Walton last year, but this year N.K. Jemisin is one of the Guests of Honor, so that sounds awesome, too! I am not sure how the money will work out, though. I will need to start saving now.


Despite the fact that Christmas is coming, I haven’t been very inspired to work on my projects. I am taking today off, but I have to get major work done this weekend. After I make some coconut candies, of course.


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Friday Fragments


I literally spent two and a half hours organizing my stuff on Tuesday, moving books to their proper bookshelves, going through art supplies, making a new home for our board games in the dining room, even getting rid of a not-insignificant amount of books. The result? A slightly less cluttered looking shelf, a smaller stack of books that still need a new home (I had about 30 books in that stack before I started; now there are about 10, but I also added a lot of books to the pile before it started getting smaller), and that’s about it.

Ok, I am exaggerating a bit–the game shelves look good and my books are better organized–but I find this kind of organizing so frustrating. You have to do so much work in order to get to the part where it looks good. And, despite the better organized shelves, I do still have that pile of books that have been displaced by this project that do not yet have a new home. But I need to look on the bright side, right? I am making progress getting things moved to where they need to be. I will get there eventually.


The street in front of my house is leaking. For the past few days, a seam in the middle of the street about 4 feet long has been oozing water. Today a bunch of people with trucks came and dug a hole in the sidewalk across the street. Apparently they will come back on Monday to dig a hole in front of my next door neighbor’s house, and then they will tunnel under the street to replace the supply line from the main line that is across the street. These are the perils of living in an older community. But we have really cool tall trees, too, so it evens out, right?


I got a flu shot today, and now my arm hurts. I feel a bit whiny saying it, but it really does burn. My daughter got one at the doctor’s office, but I didn’t want to mess with getting the shot there iwthout an appointment for myself, so I said I would arrange it for later and we left. I ended up getting the shot at the pharmacy anyway, because they looked it up and said my insurance would cover it with no cost to me. As the clerk was giving me the shot, my daughter told him that she had made me hold her hand while she got her shot. I said, “That’s because I’m not a baby,” and he said “Yeah, she’s tough.” I like him, :).


Bones has moved to Friday nights….I am so glad my mother reminded me! I love this show! I am a bit disappointed about the change, because we were watching it together on Monday nights when my mom came over for dinner, and there are so few shows that all of like to watch together. I am really looking forward to the new show Almost Human, though. There. If you didn’t already know that I am a huge nerd, it is now confirmed.


This post will be shared at Half Past Kissin Time. How was your week?

A Sisyphean Task…



How is it that I spent the whole weekend cleaning, and my house doesn’t look that much better?

Okay, technically, I wasn’t cleaning so much as reorganizing for much of the time, and it does look some better. I got rid of several books, which is always hard for me, and I moved about half of our board games from the family room (where I want to start putting all of my art and craft stuff) to the dining room (where we usually sit to play games anyway). Getting rid of several books is a huge victory for me, too. I am terrible about wanting to keep every book I have in my possession for any length of time.

Not only did I get rid of books, I made a stack of books that I have failed to get rid of in the past, but also have failed to pick up to read, passing them over again and again. I have to start reading them,  give them a fair chance, and if I find I don’t really want to keep reading, I will add them to the give away pile. I figure this is a win-win tactic–each time I’ll either find a book I really enjoy, or be able to give away another book guilt-free. I’ve already put two more books in the give away pile!

Also, I didn’t actually spend the whole weekend cleaning or organizing. I also posted here, made more wands with my kids, went to a friend’s retirement party and went to dinner at my parents’ house. It just felt like I cleaned all weekend, and I want it to be over. I want the house to be clean, and then I want to be done with the whole cleaning thing.  I know that isn’t going to happen, but I continue to be surprised at the entropy of life. Didn’t I already check off cleaning the house? It doesn’t work that way? Damn!

Well, I got rid of a few things, and I moved a few things around to get the house more organized. That is something, right?

De-Stashing Update


I feel the need to report my de-stashing progress now, while all the news is good. I am fairly certain that won’t last much longer, because I forgot to consider one thing: my birthday is August 22. How can I not buy myself yarn for my birthday? It is the day after payday, too!

On the plus side, I have done really well on the de-stashing so far. I even went to one of my favorite local yarn shops, Knitorious, last weekend but I held strong and walked out without any yarn. I had to go to the store, you see, because I was spending the afternoon with my closest local crocheting friend, who I haven’t seen since she had surgery on her wrist about 5 weeks ago. We went out to lunch, and the LYS was only half a mile away. I suggested it, and then said no, I am not buying yarn right now. Then it occurred to me–my de-stashing challenge didn’t say anything about BOOKS! (Maybe it should, but that is for another challenge….)

I only got one book, Crochet Noro.

It has several beautiful projects, including one I would like to make my mother for Christmas, so I am happy to have it. I did look at the yarns I would need for some of the projects, but I really think it is better to do some planning before purchasing anyway.

I have also done several rows on my Ribbon blanket. This is one of my long term WIPs–I started it last summer, I think. I am falling in love with it all over again, even though there is a nagging voice in my head talking about all the Christmas projects that need to be started. I don’t have an updated picture, but it is looking good. It is a great way to use up some of those partial skeins, too!

In that spirit, I am planning to start making more granny squares. I want to make a granny blanket with a non-traditional color joining them, like hot pink, or turquoise, or maybe a spring green. Or yellow or purple or orange. Just not black or white–not that I don’t like the black or white grannies. I just want to do something different.

How is everyone else doing on de-stashing?

What I am reading now


About a year ago, I suddenly lost interest in my spreadsheet of books. I got behind on updating it, and I never got back to it. I am still reading, though!

Mostly, I am re-reading lately. I have re-read most of my Sheri S. Tepper books, which I always enjoy. I got a set of the Galactic Mileau series by Julian May, and that was a lot of fun to revisit. Now I need to get the Intervention and Pliocene Exile books. It has probably been 15 years since I read those books, long enough that I can re-read and be surprised by a few things. And, right now I am reading the Harry Potter books, 4 through 7. We seem to have lost the first 3, or I would be reading them, too.

I am re-reading for a couple of different reasons. First, obviously, is the economic reason–it doesn’t cost anything to read books that I already own! My children have reached ages where they seem to be outgoing all of their clothes all the time, no doubt because they eat all. the. time. So, it is nice to have a large library of books that I can go to for entertainment at no extra expense.

But, I also find it a bit comforting to re-read. I love picking up a book that I already know I will like. A lot of the books I re-read, I may not remember the details before I read them, but I remember what it was like to read them. I can revisit what it was like when the ideas were new, or I can remember things that were happening in my life when I read the books the first time around. This can lead to expense, though–sometimes I have to go out and buy a book that I remember but can no longer lay my hands upon. But I can usually find something on my shelves that meets my needs, which makes me feel good about keeping all these books. Yes, there was a point to keeping them!