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Menu, Week of 1/5

I know, it isn't Monday anymore--the cold must have slowed me down!

I know, it isn’t Monday anymore–the cold must have slowed me down!

I didn’t plan for meals very well over the Christmas break. I did two nice meals on the two nights before Christmas, and then I ate leftovers for most of the rest of the week, since the kids were at their dad’s. I do cook sometimes when the kids

Monday, we had friends over and made a dinner of prime rib, mashed cauliflower and broccoli salad. I had never cooked a prime rib before, but it was so easy–I just threw it in a 300 degree oven for 2 ½ hours or so, then let it rest for 30 minutes and served. We had a meat and cheese tray for snacking before the meal, since I wasn’t certain when it would be ready, and I made some horseradish sour cream to serve with the steaks. Everyone loved it!

On Christmas Eve, we had my family over for dinner and the present exchange. For an appetizer I made bacon and avocado deviled eggs, and then we had pork roast, green beans sauteed with bacon and pickled beets.

This week I am getting back into my formal menu planning. Goodness knows, my budget can’t stand any eating out for awhile. Christmas time is fun, but expensive! Luckily, I stocked up at Costco and we should be good on food for a couple of weeks.

Sunday: Peanutty Coconut Curry Chickenpork with paprika

Monday: Pork with Paprika, Mushrooms and Sour Cream, gnocchi for the kids

Tuesday: Hamburgers

Wednesday: Bratwurst, cole slaw, buttered broccoli

Thursday: Corned beef and cabbage

Friday: Langostinos sauteed in butter over sauteed cabbage

Saturday: Leftovers

Can I just add that it is freezing here? We got about 9 or 10 inches of snow and passed around 35 hours with subzero temperatures. My furnace couldn’t keep this old drafty house warm enough! It is not a bad furnace, it usually works fine, but it was struggling with the extreme cold. Now that we are back up into the balmy 20s, it is doing fine, so I suspect it isn’t the furnace breaking. I think I need some more thermal curtains, maybe some plastic around the windows, a space heater and some kind of insulation if it is going to get that cold again!

As always, lots more menu ideas can be found on orgjunkie.com

Menu, Week of 11/10


I am going to a concert tonight! I am going to see Pink! My friend Billie is the greatest! Her husband gave her two tickets to see Pink as an early Christmas present, and she it taking me! Do you think I have used enough exclamation points? I am really excited!

All this excitement is making it hard to concentrate on boring things like menu planning, but I have to do something while I wait for the day to pass, right? Besides work, of course.

Sunday: Minted lamb burgers with feta cheese and avocado, steamed broccoli, cole slaw

Monday: Out with my friend before the concert

Tuesday: Coconut Shrimp soup, sauteed mushrooms, onions and asparagus

Wednesday: Pizza, salad

Thursday: Bratwurst, sauteed cabbage and bacon

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Salmon burgers, salad

As always, many more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com

Menu, Week of 11/3



Yesterday, I took my kids to Laumeier Sculpture Park, where we met up with their former stepmother and their little brother for a nice walk to through the woods while looking at art. It was a perfect day for it–crisp but not cold and sunny. The girl did whine a bit about the exercise aspect of the outing, but later she described it as a lovely afternoon. The boy and I just enjoyed being outside and moving around, and we all loved seeing their little brother and his mom.

On the way home, the kids tried hard to convince me that we should go out to eat, and I must admit I was tempted. We spent the weekend doing craft projects, so the dining room table was pretty covered, and I had not yet made a plan for dinner. In the end, though, financial prudence (not to mention healthy food choices) won out and we ate at home. Go me!

Sunday: Coconut-peanut chicken curry with broccoli and spinachphoto

Monday: Baked Lemon-Garlic Chicken Thighs, sauteed kale and bacon, broccoli salad

Tuesday: Fish almondine, cole slaw

Wednesday: Salmon casserole with green beans and cauliflower

Thursday: Feta Stuffed Meatloaf with Tzatziki sauce (made with ground beef), or a Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf, depending on my mood, ;), buttered broccoli and caulifower, cole slaw

Friday: Bratwurst, buttered broccoli, cole slaw, sauteed musrooms

Saturday: We are going to two parties, one in the afternoon, one in the evening, so we shouldn’t need a dinner

As always, many more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com


Menu Plan, Week of 10/27



Are you a baseball fan? I am, and what’s more, I am a Cardinals fan, and this World Series is killing me. The Cards have been so great all season, this series is not going the way it should! Of course, the Red Sox are pretty good, too, and these are hard fought games, so I can’t get too upset, I guess.

All of this baseball is cutting into my cooking and planning time. I guess the benefit of posting my menus late is that I know at least some of it is absolutely right. We usually eat pretty much what is on the menu, although we switch nights a lot, but sometimes things just change. It is still good to plan, though–it keeps me in the mindset of eating at home.

Sunday: Dinner at my dad’s (burgers with tomatoes, onions, avocado, broccoli)

Monday: At a friend’s house to watch the game

Tuesday: Beef and eggplant skillet

Wednesday: Bratwurst, buttered broccoli and cauliflower, sauteed kale with mushrooms and bacon

Thursday: Slow cooker pork roast (without the carrots, with cabbage), spaghetti squash with garlic butter

Friday: Salmon casserole with cauliflower and green beans

Saturday: leftovers

As always, lots more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com

Menu, Week of 10/13



We are getting to my favorite weather of the year–still a bit warm mid-day, but crisp, and cool at night. I can crochet big blankets without contorting them in strange ways to keep the heat off of me. Warm, cozy cardigan sweaters come out and feel like a nice hug through the day, but are easy to take off when it is warm for a few hours mid-afternoon. It’s perfect stew and chili weather!

Sunday: Pork tenderloin, green beans, saladstew

Monday: Curried beef stew

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Chili, pasta for the kids

Thursday: Bratwurst, buttered broccoli and cauliflower

Friday: Fish almondine, green beans sauteed with bacon

Saturday: Sausage and eggplant stew

As always, many more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com

Menu, week of 9/22



Last week went pretty well, menu plan-wise. We didn’t follow the plan exactly, but it was pretty close. I made something different than what was planned two nights, and it turned out that I didn’t have leftovers for Friday, so I went out with a friend instead. Of course, I did post my plan late, so I knew what I was working with for the beginning of the week, but it was still a good week.

This week we are settling into the school year routine, and I feel almost like I can handle life again. Here look, it is actually Monday when I am posting my menu plan Monday post. I did a big shopping trip to Costco, too, so we have plenty of food–thank goodness for the freezer I bought last month. I’ve only had it about a month and I already can’t imagine how I managed without it!

This week is not too crazy, unless I am forgetting something, ;). I have an event to attend during the workday that is near my house tomorrow, so I will work from home an extra day. That always helps with getting things done, especially now that I am taking a pottery class on Tuesday evenings. I don’t think I have anything else to do in the evenings this week besides that class, though–nothing that will take me out of the house, at least. There are always plenty of things to be done.

Sunday: Takeout at a friend’s house

Monday: Sirloin steak with shrimp scampi, roasted green beans and mushrooms, steamed broccoli

Tuesday: Bratwurst, spinach salad

Wednesday: Garlic Pork Roast in the slow cooker, sauteed spinach, buttered broccoli, applesauce for kids

Thursday: Bacon cheeseburger meatloaf, buttered broccoli

Friday: Pizza–meatza for me, chickpea flour crust for kids

Saturday: Leftovers

As always, lots more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com

Menu, Week of 8/11



School starts tomorrow! I thought I was all prepared for this, but I woke up at 7:00 this morning and realized that not only do I need to make a quick run for lunch supplies, I didn’t get pocketed dividers for the boy’s binder. Oh, and I need to go pay for the bus! Plus my mom is coming over for dinner and I have that pesky job taking up much of my day. Thank goodness for lunch breaks and relatively easy dinners

Sunday: I went out with a friend, the kids had Italian sausages

Monday: Steak with shrimp scampi on top, sauteed mushrooms, sauteed broccoli, yellow squash and onions, cauli-rice (I know, this has been on my menu for the past two weeks as well, but I just couldn’t make it happen. It *will* happen tonight, though, as the steaks are already thawed.)

Tuesday: First day of school! The kids are going to their dad’s and I am taking a pottery class, so this will be leftovers or a quick omelet for me.

Wednesday: Bratwurst, steamed broccoli

Thursday: Low carb Paella–another dish I just haven’t made happen yet.

Friday: Just me again, so either leftovers or an omelet again

Saturday: I am leaving this one open–I think I am going to a friend’s house, but if not, I can make a plan when I get there.

As always, lots more ideas can be found at orgjunkie.com