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Thanksgiving Desserts the Low Carb Way


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As I mentioned yesterday, Thanksgiving is next week (!). Since I have changed a lot of my eating habits, I need to do some thinking about what I want to make this year. I prefer to find recipes everyone can eat if possible, although I know that my mother won’t eat Brussels sprouts, and I will probably make some roasted potatoes for my family that I won’t eat.

Starting with the most important decision: dessert. I have been known to make 2 or 3 desserts for Thanksgiving, even though we generally have no more than 6 people at the table–and they don’t all partake of dessert. I don’t do desserts often, though, so I go overboard. That is not a part of the holiday I want to give up now that I am eating low carb.

I did consider just going all out on Thanksgiving, sugar and all, but really, any desserts are more carbs than I would really like, even if I make them sugar and grain free. So, I figure low carb desserts are a nice  compromise between indulging and restraining myself. I will have lots of yummy treats and it will seem very decadent without adding a bunch of sugar to my system. At least my carbs will be high quality, and it will still be so much less than if I were to indulge in traditional sweets.

First, I have to make the key lime cheesecake I made this summer for my son’s birthday. I really loved that, and I like to have a cheesecake. My mom liked the lime flavor, too. I have to have pumpkin pie, or my son will be sad, so this crustless pie/pudding will be part of our dessert spread.

Now I’ve barely even started thinking about dessert and I am already up to two dishes, and I can’t even stop there. I need to look at some cakes made with almond meal! I have been wanting to make an almond meal cake for awhile now, and this is the perfect opportunity

  • I seriously considered pumpkin pound cake first, but we are already having pumpkin pie. Also, I think that would be better for Christmas morning.
  • Next I looked at a low carb jello poke cake. That looked delicious, and the flavors are different, but the cheesecake has gelatin already, so I decided to try again.
  • Raspberry almond crumb cake was my next option, and I think it is a winner! Although it does have cream cheese like the cheesecake, I think it will be different enough overall not to matter, and it is the kind of cake that will make a good breakfast the next morning as well.

So, now the most important part of Thanksgiving menu planning is complete:

Key Lime Cheesecake
Crustless Pumpkin Pie
Raspberry Almond Crumb Cake

I’d better start coming up with some healthy vegetables to eat before we get to this point.