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Menu, Week of 1/13



I know it isn’t Monday, I am a bit behind this week. I want to keep posting these menus anyway, for reference and to force myself to plan the rest of the week!

Sunday: Spaghetti with meatballs and Italian sausage in tomato sauce, steamed broccoli

Monday: Persian chicken and rice/quinoa, steamed veggies

Tuesday: Shrimp and pea risotto

Wednesday: leftovers

Thursday: Potato/kielbasa hash, steamed broccoli, pineapple chunks

Friday: salmon burger, leftovers

Saturday: out with friends

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Menu, Week of 7/29


This has been a crazy summer. My ex has been going through some things, so I have had the kids full-time. This is awesome but expensive, and it has thrown a lot of my routines out of whack.The kids want to be entertained all the time and fed every single day! And the boy has continued the growth spurt that started last summer pretty much unabated, so the feeding is not a trivial thing. The girl has been doing a lot of cheerleading practice and other general exercising, so she is pretty hungry, too. Add on top of that a really challenging work schedule and the fact my dad has been in the hospital for over a week now, and you can see why I am going a bit crazy. (My dad has an infection in his leg; he is getting better, it is just taking a long time to heal, and we are trying to visit as much as we can so he doesn’t feel so lonely in there.)

We have been eating at home mostly still, but without a plan. I have been getting easy food–Italian sausages, buns, arborio rice for risotto, pasta, jarred marinara sauce, eggs, and stuff like that–and throwing meals together quickly. It has been fine and we haven’t starved or completely drained my checking account, but it has been very boring. I need to try to get a good routine in anyway with school starting in just over two weeks, so I decided it was time to get back to planning today. I headed out to my Recipes to Try board on Pinterest for inspiration and threw together a pretty good plan.

Source: kayotic.nl via Susan on Pinterest


Sunday: Snacks at the hospital and a late dinner at a friend’s house.

Monday: Scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, fruit

Tuesday: Ground turkey with Potatoes and Peas, brown rice

Wednesday: The World’s Best Chicken (that’s what the recipe is called, I am making no claims, 😉 ), sun-dried tomato risotto, steamed green beans

Thursday: Jamaican Red Beans and Rice, steamed broccoli

Friday: Chicken Palava, brown rice

Saturday: Kielbasa and cabbage, ginger glazed baby carrots

There are a lot of new recipes on the menu this week, because I am so bored with what we have been eating.I have actually done the ground turkey with potatoes and peas before, but my daughter is making it tonight; when I made it, I just used the recipe as a guideline and I added some different spices, so it will be different this time. As long as it is done when I get home so we can eat and run out to the hospital, I am sure it will be fine.

Which reminds me, what kinds of things do you do when you are running around with little time for cooking? I would love to use the crockpot more, but they are no longer designed for working people–I am gone way longer than 6 or even 8 hours when I go into the office. Do you cook ahead? Or have some good suggestions for fast, but still healthy meals? Please share!

As always, this post will be linked to Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com–lots more ideas over there!

Menu, Week of 6/10


This weekend, I decided I could not put off a huge trip to Costco any longer. I am much poorer in dollars now, but much richer in food! I tried to exercise some restraint, so I pretty much bought only food this time, resisting the temptation to buy all the household goods, outdoor paraphernalia and assorted deals they have throughout the warehouse. I did get bratwurst and artichokes for a good BBQ, though.

Image credit: cookingforengineers.com

It is a good thing we BBQ’d last night, too, because as I type this, it is pouring outside. Not that I am complaining–we need the rain, it has been so dry here lately. My garden and fig trees are going to be very happy with this deluge.

I have some garden using tasks I didn’t get done this weekend that I will need to do during the week. I made all those great plans for the lavender and did exactly nothing there, and it is time to take all of the garlic scapes off the garlic plants. I have been using some scapes, but I will have a lot to use at once, so I foresee a big batch of garlic scape pesto in my near future.

Sunday: Grilled bratwurst, grilled artichokes, broccoli slaw, sangria for the adults

Monday: Ground turkey with peas and potatoes–loosely based on this recipe, brown rice/quinoa, leftover broccoli slaw

Tuesday: Peanut coconut chicken curry, rice

Wednesday: Pasta with Tuna, Capers and Tomato Sauce, smoothies

Thursday: Scrambled eggs, hash browns, turkey sausages

Friday: Italian sausage and tomato risotto

Saturday: leftovers

As always, this post will be linked to Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com–lots more ideas over there!

Menu, Week of 4/15


Last week, I didn’t make a menu plan, and I didn’t do much grocery shopping, but we still ate at home every night. Go me! We ate a lot of chicken–chicken tenderloins are so convenient, and easy to defrost even at the last minute–but I think we ate pretty well overall.

Here is what we had, not in order:

Image credit: Lets Dish

Chicken in mustard cream sauce, brown rice, edamame

Curried Stir-fried noodles and veggies

Chicken risotto/paella

turkey/goat cheese/spinach burgers, roasted veggies, quinoa salad

Italian sausages, quinoa salad, steamed veggies

Scrambled eggs and hashbrowns

So, not as much chicken as I was thinking. We are starting this week with two chicken dishes in a row, though, and the chicken in mustard cream sauce was Saturday night, so we are on a chicken run. I could rearrange things, but I want to make the inside out chicken cordon bleu tonight while my mother is over, so it can’t be helped.

Sunday: Curried chicken and rice soup

Monday: Inside out chicken cordon bleu, salad, steamed veggies, rice pudding

Tuesday: Chili, cornbread, sauteed mustard greens

Wednesday: Moo Shu Pork Casserole, Asian slaw

Thursday:  Rosti with Bacon and Scallions, scrambled eggs, fruit smoothies

Friday: Curry coconut shrimp, red lentil dal, rice

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