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Menu, Week of 1/1

This is not a resolution, I have been menu-planning every week for months now. However, there is something that feels so right about starting the new year with a good plan. I am a big believer in the idea that you should start the way you mean to continue. I plan to make this a big year–I want to do a couple of trips, at least one with the kids and possibly one or two conventions without them, I have a lot of work to be done in my yard, many household projects–and menu planning should help me to save the money to do these things. Of course I can plan cheap meals, but the big savings is in keeping me out of expensive restaurants! Now that the kids are getting older and eating all the time, a meal out with them is a significant expense.

Sunday: Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, light and tangy slaw, chickpea flour quickbread, peas, fried potatoes

Image credit: Post Punk Kitchen

We had this last night, and I am pretty sure I am oozing a garlic scent today. I actually put a lot more than 40 cloves of garlic in my baking dish, and I may have eaten 40 cloves myself. So delicious!

Monday: Rosti with Bacon and Scallions, sauteed kale, blueberry smoothies
I am not actually a big bacon fan. I know, everyone thinks I am strange, but it seems too greasy to me. I am starting to come around a bit, if it is prepared right, and this doesnt have a huge amount of bacon. The kids are ecstatic at the prospect of me cooking bacon for them.

Tuesday: Red beans and rice, broccoli
An old favorite.

Wednesday: Rosemary Chicken with White Beans, spinach salad
One of the first non-plain foods the girl really enjoyed–and this is within the last year. We have had a tense childhood with that girl, because I have met very few plain foods I like, but she is all about plain foods, and has been vocally so since toddler-hood. Thank goodness she is starting to come around to more complex flavors.

Thursday: Red lentil Thai Chili, cornbread
I am having a vegetarian friend over for dinner, and we love curry. This take on chili might be too much for the girl, but I am hoping she will like it. I know that Andrea and I will love it, though, and at least there is cornbread, so the girl won’t go hungry!

Friday: Leftovers

What are you having this week?

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