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Making Things: A Few Thoughts so Far


Today’s project is still in progress, and I suspect it won’t be done until late, so I am taking some time now to reflect on how the project thinking smileyis going in general. I know, it’s only day 4, but what is the point of havinga blog if I can’t use it for a little navel-gazing?

My biggest takeaway so far? I need to go upstairs to go to bed earlier each night. I am not saying I actually need to go to sleep earlier, although I do. I mean I need to stop thinking of going upstairs to get ready for bed as actually going to bed. I’ve been trying to write in my journal each evening, just a bit with some ideas and general thoughts, and it is hard to fit that in AND read for a bit AND brush my teeth and wash my face AND get enough sleep if I don’t head upstairs until 10:30 or 11:00 PM. That would be a fine time to go to sleep, but it is too early to start a before bed routine that takes an hour or more.

Also, if I thought I was obsessed with making things before (and I totally thought that), I was underestimating how obsessed I could get. Everything I look at now, I think about what I could make with it. Every piece of art or craft I see, I wonder if I could do the same, or use the same technique. I WANT TO DO ALL THE CRAFTS! ALL THE ARTS! It’s a little crazy. I thought making something every day would calm that urge. If anything, I worried it would *limit* my making; that I would make one thing and then move on to slothdom in front of the tv. Not so. I hope I keep up this level of momentum and inspiration.

On a related note, this could get very expensive if I am not careful. I want to save some money for a cool road trip with my kids this summer, so I have to be careful. I am thinking that I need to focus more on reclaimed materials. Here are some ideas I have for that:

  • Make some t-shirt yarn with the pile of outgrown t-shirts in the basement from my children
  • Visit Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for cool materials–I am particularly keen on doing something with old paned windows, but I also want to look at furniture and cabinets
  • Yard sales and estate sales in the spring are probably a good place to find all kinds of craft supplies
  • Do something with all the wine bottles and jars I have been saving from my own use–probably several somethings
  • Good will is another good place to look for materials

Where do you get cheap art and craft supplies?


Menu, Week of 6/4


I thought summer was supposed to be less busy than the school year, but that is not how it seems to be working out. Kids need to be taken places, I want to see all of my friends, and I took on this crazy post on my blog every day thing, :). Oh, and I decided to start playing racquetball.

I am less sore today than I thought I would be the day after my first racquetball experience, but I am tired. I did a lot of other things yesterday, too, and I guess I need to do some adjusting. Since it is in the name of health, I am all for it, but it is an adjustment.

Monday: Oven BBQ chicken, roasted potatoes, glazed radishes, Orange PushUp smoothies

Tuesday: I am playing racquetball at 6:30, which makes this meal tricky. If the kids are with their dad, I will eat leftovers or something thrown together from the freezer; if they are here, I will ask the girl to cook a bacon rosti.

Wednesday: Sausage polenta bake, steamed broccoli

Thursday: Chicken Risotto with Lemon Grass and Coconut Milk, steamed grean beans

Friday: Pizza

I am not planning ahead now for the weekend. I am going to have some friends over on Sunday, so I am thinking about a big meal to cook, because I do love the chance to make a big meal for people who will appreciate it!

As always, this post will be linked to Menu Plan Monday at orgjunkie.com–lots more ideas over there!

Menu, Week of 5/6


I am once again in a place where I need to be extra creative, because I need to make due with what we have in the house. I did go buy a few perishables this weekend, but end of school field trips, fees and I don’t even know what else are squeezing our budget. Fortunately, I have a lot of staples on hand, and I like being creative!

Sunday: Fend for yourself – I made a big pan of Taco Lasagna Saturday night, so I wanted to get that eaten up. Unfortunately, the kids were not big fans of eating it two nights in a row, so only I ate it, and there is still a lot! They found other things to eat, though.

Monday: Speedy Jambalaya – We did some cleaning this weekend, and I found an old copy of Taste of Home with this recipe. When I told the girl what we were having, she was very upset and said “That is not a real food, that is just a world people made up” with great disgust. She has a problem with new things. This isn’t even that strange–we eat other creole dishes, some of which she even likes! It turned out very good, though, and she didn’t hate it at least.

Tuesday: Chicken in peanut coconut curry sauce, Red Lentil Dal – This is easy, cheap, and something the kids don’t appreciate as much as I do, so it is good for a night when they will be with their dad.

Wednesday: Chinese meatballs with peas and pineapple over rice – I will make this with ground turkey instead of beef.

Thursday: Beef stew – This will probably be more like what Rachael Ray calls a stoup–not quite as thick as a stew, but definitely not a soup.

Friday: Honey and hot sauce chicken strips, steamed broccoli, pumpkin pasta (made with corn pasta)

Saturday: Leftovers, or something creative…

This menu will be linked up at orgjunkie.com–head over there for lot’s more inspiration!

Things I Have Done Today, and Things I Would Still Like To Do

I am finally feeling better today, and can get a few things done. I have a lot of things backed up though, from all the time that I was just not feeling up to it all. I want to make sure I don’t forget it all, and also see if I am trying to pack too much into this one day, so it is list time again.First, things I have already done (for the sense of accomplishment):

Now, what I would like to do still:

  • #FeministSF chat moderation
  • Finish GA post
  • Clean up the menu, type it up, schedule it to post tomorrow
  • Empty all trash and recycling and take the bins to the curb
  • Go to Trader Joe’s
  • Wash dishes
  • Clear off dining room table and buffet
  • Repot mums on front porch into a more sturdy pot
  • Cook dinner
  • Make some cole slaw for weekly lunches
  • Put together shelves I bought for my closet

That doesn’t look too ambitious, does it? I also want to read some more blogs from my fellow NaBloPoMo-ers, and I am thinking about taking on a new organizing challenge, so I am doing some thinking about that.

Am I the only one who finds weekends more exhausting that the workweek?