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Menu, Week of 1/22

I started a day early with my menu this week, on Saturday. I went to Costco and spent a bunch of money, and brought home too many things for the freezer. I needed to do some cooking, both to use up some of the food right away, and because I didn’t want to spend any more money after spending so much at Costco! On the plus side, I shouldn’t need meat for the next two months, I have so much now.

Saturday: Italian Sausage and Potato Roast, fruit salad
The girl started the fruit salad as soon as I came home, with a little of each of the fruits I bought–raspberries, cherries, red grapes, and blueberries. We actually ate it as an appetizer. The house smelled AMAZING as the sausage and veggies were roasting–this was definitely a hit with the whole family.

Sunday: Ground turkey sloppy joes, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli
Love these, and so easy! I don’t do exactly what the linked recipe says–I use more onions, peppers and garlic, and a 15 ounce can of tomato sauce rather than the 8 ounce can plus ketchup–but this gives the general idea. So flavorful and delicious.

Monday: Feta-olive stuffed chicken thighs with tomato basil sauce, kale and quinoa pilaf, roasted butternut squash
There is still kale growing in my garden! In January! The mind boggles. I had no idea this was an option–picking fresh produce in the winter. The butternut squash came cubed from Costco, and I will roast the whole package and use the rest on Thursday.

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Beef stew
I make my own version of this with V8 juice. When I started eating meat again this past spring, I really wanted to make stew, but that seems like a fall/winter dish to me. I forgot all about it when fall came, though! I finally remembered, and we are having it this week.

Thursday: Butternut squash risotto, glazed radishes
This is a good way to use the leftovers from Monday and feel like we are eating something different. Plus, the kids love this stuff, and so do I! Also, I am scheduled to get two root canals on Thursday morning, so I am hoping this will be easy to eat.

Friday: Slow cooked BBQ beans and chicken sausage
To save me from myself and my desire to go out to eat on Friday nights, I am going to try the crockpot.

What are you making this week?

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Menu, Week of 12/18


Okay, we have made it down to the final week before Christmas. I am so not ready, and not yet recovered from the big brake repair bill. But I get paid on Wednesday, and I have some time to spend at home finishing projects since I have no money left to spend until then! In the meantime, I am just about sick of trying to figure out what to make for dinner using ingredients that I already have in the house. Thank goodness that is almost over.

I am having my family over on Christmas Eve, because my children go to their father’s house at 10:00 AM Christmas morning, so I have a bit more planning than usual this week.

Sunday: Omelet, hashbrowns

Photo credit: smittenkitchen.com

Monday: Salmon burgers, sweet potato fries

Tuesday: Pizza, baby carrots

Wednesday: Paella, tomato and cucumber salad, steamed broccoli

Thursday: Sloppy joes, baked beans, ginger glazed carrots

Friday: Chicken with almonds and green olives, sauteed kale with garlic, pan-fried potatoes

Saturday: Greek style vegetable risotto, Salmon with Lemon, Capers and Rosemary, lima beans cooked with olive oil and oregano, salad

This post will be linked to orgjunkie.com’s Menu Planning Monday–head over there for lots of great ideas!

Menu, Week of 11/14


This is one of those weeks when I would like to avoid the grocery store. I may go buy some bread, orange juice, soy milk and bananas, but then again, I may not. I need more money! Or, less spendthrift ways.

Monday: Kelly’s Overnight Chicken, purple potatoes, broccoli, fried green tomatoes

Tuesday: Chicken enchiladas from the freezer, because I have to be at my son’s parent teacher conference by 6:20

Wednesday: pan-grilled chicken with cranberry salsa, pumpkin risotto, peas

Thursday: Creole Tuna, rice, steamed carrots

Friday: chicken enchiladas, salsa, avocado

I also need to make this quinoa salad on Monday for the teachers’ dinner during parent teacher conferences on Tuesday. I think I will have to make a double batch, because I love that stuff, and that will carry me through the week for lunch. I also need to bring cranberry sauce and pumpkin risotto to work on Thursday, when many of the people on my floor do a potluck holiday feast. So, I will make a double batch of cranberry orange sauce on Monday and a double batch of risotto on Wednesday and I should be set.

I will need to buy a few things, but I might be able to get away with only buying red onions, oranges and avocados, plus the items above. Not too shabby for a low-budget week!

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Menu, Week of 11/7

I usually start my menus on Sunday, and plan for 6 days, but this weekend, I was still feeling a bit sick, so I just did a frozen meal, which there is no need to document here. I did cook from my menu through Wednesday, but on Thursday, I felt so bad that we ordered delivery Chinese for possibly the first time since we lived in this house, maybe ever. We can’t do pizza delivery because of the dairy, and I usually just go get food if we are going to buy restaurant food, but I didn’t want to do anything on Thursday but huddle on the couch under my warm blanket.This week, we are getting back to normal. Real food, cooked regularly. Also, did you know Thanksgiving is only 2 ½ weeks away? I will need to start that planning soon as well.

Monday: Tomato and Crab soup, red beans and rice/quinoa, steamed broccoli

I was going to make the soup last night, but didn’t have the energy. We all love the red beans and rice, so we could have this every week, probably, but that would get boring. I will make extra rice and quinoa for use on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Chicken curry, rice/quinoa

The kids will be at their dad’s, so I am making a spicy dinner. I am using a jar of sauce, and adding in sauteed mushrooms, asparagus and onions along with the chicken.

Wednesday: Italian sausages, kabocha squash risotto with sage and pine nuts

I will probably use another kind of nut, but I am excited about this recipe–I love kabocha squash!

Thursday: green chili, cornbread

I am super excited about this–I am finally getting some tomatillos from my garden for this! I also have garlic still from this summers harvest, and jalapenos out there, and my gardener is bringing some cilantro from another garden since my fall planting isn’t very big yet. Only the chicken, white beans and onion will not be from my garden.

Friday: pizza, baby carrots, salad

When the kids are here, they always want pizza on Friday nights, ;).


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Menu, Week of 10/31


Monday: Pork Tenderloin with Artichokes and Capers, mashed potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts

This is my attempt to cram some nutrition into my kids before they head out for the candy-filled bacchanalia that is Halloween night.

Tuesday: Pumpkin and Shrimp Curry, brown rice/quinoa

My daughter likes shrimp, but my son doesn’t. My son likes curry, but my daughter doesn’t. I like all of the ingredients in this recipe. Overall, it is a better idea to have this on the night the kids are at their dad’s house.

Wednesday: Scallop risotto

The girl is cooking this night. I love it when she cooks!

Thursday: Salmon noodle casserole, broccoli

I am not really sure about this one. I am thinking about cutting out wheat for a bit to see if I might be having some issues with gluten. Although, if I cut it out all week, and I feel better, this might be a good test to see if wheat is the culprit.

I have a fair amount of salad stuff that I want to use for lunches. We are doing a lot of oatmeal for breakfasts, plus hash browns, sausage and eggs. I know, that sounds heavy, but we don’t do it all at once, and the sausage won’t be every day. I am trying to make sure we get a good filling breakfast to start the day, though.

This post is part of Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.

Menu, Week of 10/23


I made a menu on Sunday, but there is this small thing going on in baseball, perhaps you heard of it? My hometown team is in the World Series! Two tense and disappointing games the past two nights have made for very limited writing time, and now the Cards are behind in the series, but they are coming back to win it all at home. (Why yes, I may be engaging in a bit of magical thinking, sue me, ;).)

I am posting my menu starting on Sunday, even though half of it has already been made and eaten. While I definitely like the planning ahead aspect of menu planning, one of the big reasons I blog my menus rather than just writing them down on scraps of paper that are quickly lost is for inspiration on those days when I can’t think of anything to cook. “Man,” I say to myself, “I only ever make totally boring food.” So not true, but when I am in that kind of mood, I only remember the salmon noodles casseroles and frozen burgers and fries that I make when I am short on time and energy. I definitely don’t want to eliminate those kinds of meals, because they keep us out of expensive restaurants and allow me to save my energy for other, more interesting meals. I would not be happy, though, with a week full of meals like that.

Sunday: Lemongrass Chicken, Thai-simmered veggies, steamed brown rice and quinoa

One of my big goals for this week was to find a recipe to use some of the delicious lemongrass I have growing in my herb garden. I was so excited to get this planted, but I have never really used fresh lemon grass, so I knew I would have to find some new recipes. This one was totally a hit, even though I had to use powdered ginger because I forgot to buy fresh. I can only imagine it would be better with the fresh ginger, but it was still amazingly good. I was at a friend’s house, and when I took the first bite, I paused and said, “Excuse me, I am having a personal moment here.”

I also have to call out the beautiful purple martiniswe drank while the chicken marinated. I am so glad I bought some creme de violette! Delicious and pretty, but pretty potent. We were feeling a little silly by the time the food was done, but we had such a good time! I made these up before I started chopping and stuck them in the freezer, then took them out to enjoy when I was done using the sharp knife.

Monday: Pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, roasted butternut squash

I got a tub of pulled pork at Costco this weekend, so you would think this was a quick and easy meal, since they did the 10+ hours of smoking the meat and then shredding it, but I decided to get all fancy and make two kinds of BBQ sauce, plus my own cole slaw dressing and roast some butternut squash. It was still easy, actually, just time consuming. I cut the squash into small pieces and threw them in a bowl to toss with some olive oil and cinnamon, then roasted in a 425 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes. I used this slaw dressing recipe, and this mustard BBQ sauce recipe, which were both amazing. For the traditional BBQ sauce, I mixed 1 cup ketchup with four TBSP each brown sugar, white vinegar and Worcestershire sauce and simmered for about 10 minutes. I put everything out on the table and let people make their own sandwiches, because I knew they would all be different. My daughter did plain pork on a bun, my son used the tomato BBQ sauce, my mom used both sauces, one on each half of her sandwich, and I did mustard sauce with the slaw piled right on the sandwich. So good!

Tuesday: Chicken tamales, avocado, fresh salsa

I finally have some tomatoes coming out of my garden! Of course, since I lost most of my tomatoes earlier this year to squirrels, and I don’t buy fresh tomatoes from the store anymore, I am out of the habit of using them, so I don’t know what to do with them anymore! Fresh salsa is easy, though, and went perfectly with the pre-made tamales I got from Costco. I like to have something easy when the kids are at their dad’s. I just don’t usually have a lot of cooking motivation for just me.

Wednesday: Taco night

This was going to be salmon noodle casserole, which was on the menu last week, but did not get made. I have a friend whose son is one my son’s best friends, and we usually get together on Wednesday nights for dinner, but last week she had strep throat and the flu. I know how hard it is to be the mom when you are sick–who takes care of mommy?–so I scrapped the plan and made chicken noodle soup instead and brought some over to her. I was going to move last weeks plan to this week, but then my friend and my daughter independently suggested tacos for this week, so that is what we are doing. I even have leftover fresh salsa. I’ll make the taco meat and beans, and bring along my salsa and the half of an avocado I still have left from dinner tonight, and my friend will provide shells, shredded cabbage and other fixings.

Thursday: sausage and tomato risotto

Boy, was I running out of energy for menu planning at this point. My handwritten plan only says “some kind of risotto.” I know we had this risotto last week, but I have extra sausage in the fridge that needs to be used, and we all love this, so we are doing it again. I can even chop up a few more fresh tomatoes for this, so they won’t go to waste.

Friday: Pizza, baby carrots, leftovers

The kids love pizza night, especially when it is Friday, ;).

Menu, 9/17 – 9/22

I am entering the school year with at least one child in school for the ninth time this year. This is the fifth time that I have had both kids starting a new school year. You’d think I’d have this down, wouldn’t you?This year was actually better than some. I planned ahead a bit this year. I figured out that part of the problem is that there really are a lot of back to school events at the beginning of the year, which take up much of my normal cooking time.So, I haven’t done a lot of menu planning, but I have had a lot of ingredients for easy meals on hand, so we have actually cooked more evenings than not since school started. I don’t do well without any planning, but with some thought to easy meals at the grocery store combined with at least a quick glance through the freezer and pantry each morning, I have been okay.

It’s wearing on me, though. I do better with a plan. When I know just what I am making for dinner, and I know I have all the ingredients, because I made a menu, made a grocery list from the menu, and shopped from the list, cooking doesn’t seem like such a chore.So, this weekend I am getting back to the planning. Sure, it takes up some of my weekend, but then I don’t have to think about it all week, which is so worth it to me.

On Hand:

  • chicken thighs
  • ground beef
  • Italian sausage
  • 2 pieces of cod
  • canned tuna
  • red, purple, gold baby potatoes
  • pasta
  • black beans
  • baked beans
  • spiced garbanzo beans
  • shredded cabbage
  • frozen watermelon
  • frozen fruit
  • frozen broccoli

Available in the garden

  • carrots
  • green tomatoes
  • yellow bell peppers
  • kale
  • various herbs
  • japanese eggplants
  • butternut squash

Tonight: Pizza, watermelon frosties, carrots, ice cream

Sunday: roasted butternut squash risotto, steamed broccoli

Monday: Beef Bourgignon, mashed potatoes

Tuesday: cod panang curry

Wendesday: Pasta, Sausage and Bean Ragout

Thursday: Salmon noodle casserole

Next weekend my kids are going to be with their dad, and I am not making plans for Friday. I suspect I will have leftovers to use up, anyway.


  • Tuna Salad sandwiches
  • leftovers
  • salami sandwiches

Grocery list:

  • bread
  • beef broth
  • canned salmon
  • Daiya mozzarella
  • shredded cheese blend (soy)
  • eggs
  • bacon
  • salami
  • 2 lbs. beef stew meat
  • chocolate ice cream
  • vanilla ice cream
  • frozen peas
  • bananas
  • mushrooms
  • Yukon gold potatoes
  • pearl onions
  • egg noodles
  • arborio rice
  • bay leaves
  • nutritional yeast

I feel better already–now to just get to the store and back!