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Friday Fragments, 11/22



I have made no progress on re-arranging my arts and craft supplies this week. I was hopeful that I had some good momentum going after last week, but I ran out of energy a bit. I do have some time off next week, though, and in addition to cooking for Thanksgiving and decorating for Christmas, I am hoping to get a bit more shifting and de-cluttering done.


One thing I have done thanks to my bout of book organizing and general re-arranging last week is to pick up several books that I have been meaning to read. I have been picking up classics of feminist science fiction in used bookstores for a while now, and I have read several of them, but lately I have been too hooked on my Nook to actually dip into that treasure trove. This week I read Still Forms on Foxfield by Joan Slonczewski and Zenna Henderson’s Pilgrimage: The Book of the People.

Both books are remarkable in their own right as examples of great science fiction written by women, but I was also struck at the strong role of religion in both books. Without getting into the actual religious messages, I found it interesting that I would randomly pick two science fiction books out of my collection and find that they both have such strong religious themes, as that is not terribly common in sf books.


I really want to go to WisCon in May. I am so sad to have missed Joan Slonczewski and Jo Walton last year, but this year N.K. Jemisin is one of the Guests of Honor, so that sounds awesome, too! I am not sure how the money will work out, though. I will need to start saving now.


Despite the fact that Christmas is coming, I haven’t been very inspired to work on my projects. I am taking today off, but I have to get major work done this weekend. After I make some coconut candies, of course.


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