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Some statistics


What is the point of having a big geeky spreadsheet of what I read, if I don’t go do analysis every once in a while? LibraryThing is a big help here, too. I am aware that this type of thing puts me well into geek territory, but I find it very interesting, so I don’t mind ;-).

First, about my purchases:

Total books purchased in 2008 (so far): 49
January: 19
February: 9
March: 11
April: 10

As you can see, I really do have a serious problem. January involved some pent up desire to purchase, since I did hold off in December, while I was busily purchasing gifts for other people (plus, Christmas tree ornaments; I have a serious problem with those, too). As a comparison, some numbers around what I have read so far this year:

Total books completed (so far): 28
Books purchased in 2008 that I have read: 18
Number of books I purchased that are not going on the TBR list: 4*

So, that means that of the 45 books purchased this year that I actually intend to read all the way through at some point, I have read 40%. I also read 10 tbr books that I already owned before this year, reducing that number from 106 to 96, and leaving my total TBR list at 123 (96 from before this year, plus 27 remaining from the books purchased this year).

Now on to the books that I have read:

Science fiction: 9 books, or 32.14%
General fiction: 7 books, or 25%
Non-fiction: 6 books, or 21.43%
Mystery: 6 books, or 21.43%

Not a bad distribution, I think. It always amazed me, though, that I consistently read more science fiction than any other category, but my largest category of books in my LibraryThing library is Mystery, and always has been. I think part of this is that box of books in my closet, which I suspect has quite a bit of Science Fiction in it. I think it has a fair amount of Agatha Christie books, too, though, so who knows what is up with that. Maybe it is partly that I am more likely to re-read science fiction than any other category.

I am slightly behind pace, with 28% of the book goal completed, with just over 29% of the year over. I am not worried about this, though, because the summer is usually when I read a lot more. I may even make it past 100 books this year!

*2 cookbooks, 1 complete works of Shakespeare, 1 book I had already read that I bought in hard cover because I found it on the bargain table


Year End Statistics


I hit 93 total books in 2007, 10 more than 2008. I am a little bit surprised at how much reading I got in, because it was a busy year. I moved to a new apartment, which was very time-consuming. I made a big push to de-clutter my apartment and start doing the regular cleaning maintenance more regularly. Although, it seems like I spend more time cleaning these days, because I do some every day rather than waiting for the weekend, but I never spend 3 or 4 hours in a row cleaning anymore, so that may actually have been a net gain in time. I have had a very active social life, because I was starting to get worried that I did too much by myself. My job has been very busy, with some overtime, although not a lot. And, I started my third blog in 2007, and did more blog posting in general. This is not even getting into all the time I spend on Library Thing.

Even so, I got in more reading than ever. Part of that is all the time I spend at Library Thing, which seems counterintuitive, but makes sense when I think about it. First of all, posting about what I read makes me think a bit more about what I read, which actually makes me enjoy my books more. Also, all the great recommendations make me anxious to get through my reading list and get to even more great books! So, I am going to increase my goal for 2008 to 100 books, but first, a look at 2007 through statistics.

Total number of books: 93
January: 4
February: 4
March: 7
April: 5
May: 9
June: 7
July: 10
August: 11
September: 9
October: 10
November: 7
December: 10
Total number of pages: 33,276
Average number of pages per book: 361.70
Science Fiction books: 39, or 41.94%
Non-fiction books: 15, or 16.13%
Mystery books: 21, or 22.58%
Re-reads: 7, or 7.53%

Since I read a lot more toward the end of the year than I did at the beginning, I think I can easily add in the 7 books I didn’t have to make up the 100 in 2007. I am glad to see I got in quite a bit of science fiction this year, although that is partly fantasy, actually. That is only a few books, though, because I am not a big fantasy fan. I found a good list of science fiction classics this year, and I have been trying to work my way through that. I am going to try to get a little bit more non-fiction books read in 2008, I think.

Overall, this looks like a pretty good year’s reading to me. Now, I just need to get my first book for this year completed!

A Look at Statistics


A long time back, I mentioned the spreadsheet that I keep of books that I have read. I decided today that I needed to take a look at it and make some comparisons with last year. I have been keeping the list for almost 2 years now, with 2006 being the first complete year that I tracked. It is fascinating to me to be able to do this kind of within the year and year over year analysis, but I am aware that this makes me odd ;-).

Books I have completed to this point in 2006: 63 (83 total)
Books I had completed to this point in 2007: 61
Science fiction books, 2006: 24, or 28.92%
Science fiction books, 2007: 24 (so far), or 39.34%
Books started but not completed, 2006: 4
Books started but not completed, 2007: 4, not counting the one I am currently reading
Non-Fiction books, 2006: 14, or 16.87%
Non-Fiction books, 2007: 7, or 11.48%
Re-reads, 2006: 4
Re-reads, 2007: 6

So, I am reading more science fiction this year, but less non-fiction. I am ahead of the pace to read 83 books this year, but behind where I actually was at this point last year. I was slowing down at this point last year, but I have been speeding up lately, so I may even finish more than 83 this year. Disturbingly, I saw some books on the 2006 list that I do not remember reading at all. Most of them I remembered well, but I did not have any memory of re-reading Neuromancer last year, and only a vague memory of Disturbance, by Bruce Sterling.