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Thanksgiving Leftovers


Today I used my leftovers two ways: Thanksgiving hash for breakfast, and curry cauliflower and turkey soup for dinner.

First, for breakfast, I took some leftover cauli-rice/mushroom stuffing and mixed it with a handful of diced leftover Brussels sprouts, a handful of diced leftover butternut squash and an egg, and fried up little patties of hash.

Thanksgiving hash

I thought this was delicious, but the kids were not fans. That’s okay, I love hash with leftover Brussels sprouts, and I will definitely have this again whenever I have the right kind of leftovers to do it.

For dinner tonight, I decided to use up some of my leftover turkey.

Curry cauliflower Turkey stew

We had a huge turkey, because I wanted a lot of leftovers, but we didn’t get as much as I thought we would. This Curry Cauliflower Turkey Stew used up most of what we had left today. It was really good, in my opinion, and my son agreed, even though he is not generally a cauliflower fan. My daughter thought it was too spicy, though.

We still have a fair amount of leftovers, but I am feeling good about making a dent in them. Does anyone else have any creative ways to use up the leftovers and still enjoy them?


Menu, Week of 11/24



Does it seem fair that we have to make dinner the rest of the week during Thanksgiving week? I have desserts to make ahead! I don’t have time for dinners. On the other hand, I want the desserts to make it until the actual Thanksgiving day, so I guess we need to eat other food in the meantime.

We are making a giant turkey on Thursday–nearly 20 pounds for 6 people, so I have some leftover recipes as well. I will be making a delicious turkey and avocado salad for lunches, and I tried to find some different ways to make dinner with leftover turkey. I hope the boy with the hollow leg leaves enough turkey for us to actually make three meals…

Sunday: Bacon-wrapped chicken tenders

Monday: Beef-tomato-veggie skillet

Tuesday: Salmon casserole with cauliflower and green beans, noodles for the kids

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: See Sunday’s post

Friday: Curried Turkey and Cauliflower Stew, based on this recipe

Saturday: West African Turkey Stew

As always, you can find a lot more ideas on orgjunkie.com.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu



Once I got the important decisions about Thanksgiving out of the way last week, I lost momentum for menu planning. I had to do something, though, as I could not possibly serve desserts only to my family on Thursday. I mean, sure, my dad and son will grill a turkey, but I have to have some vegetables on the table, or I will lose all credibility with my children forever. How can I tell them to eat healthy foods if I serve them nothing but turkey and desserts?

So, side dishes it is! My friend Billie is going to give me some fresh bread dough to bake for the family, since I won’t be making any bread.

Mushroom cauliflower stuffing, based on this recipe – I am pretty sure I will be the only one eating this, but I don’t care, it looks so good! I will take out the carrots and celery, and maybe add some sausage.
Roasted butternut squash
Green beans sauteed with bacon
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Nutmeg mushrooms
Sugar-free cranberry sauce
Sweet potatoes mashed with coconut milk and cinnamon

I’m not sure about the sweet potatoes (very carb-y!), but the rest looks pretty good. What are you making for Thanksgiving?

Menu, Week of 11/27


I went shopping on Black Friday with my mom and aunt, then I had to take my car in on Saturday to get the brakes fixed. They were making some grinding noises, but not every time I used the brakes, so I thought I might be getting in there before it became a huge issue, but that turned out not to be the case. $429 later, I am making a menu plan that relies heavily on what is in my pantry/freezer/garden. Yes, garden–there are still kale, broccoli, radishes and a few other greens available out there, plus some tomatoes and tomatilloes we picked two weeks ago when putting the garden to rest for the year. There are Brussels sprouts, too, but they are still growing, and may not be ready this week. Something gnawed at my plants all spring, summer and early fall, but they appear to be growing now. Hooray for cold tolerant veggies!

Sunday: Pepperoni pizza with chickpea flour crust
I know, no veggies to speak of. We were tired.

Monday: Turkey and rice soup made with the turkey carcass, fried green tomatoes, crustless chocolate pecan pie
I am working from home today, so the turkey has been boiling away all morning, and my house smells like T-day again. I will freeze some, because I am making a huge pot of stock–we had nearly 20 pound bird–and then make the soup with rice and whatever veggies we have in the fridge. We pulled a lot of tomatoes off of the tomato plants two weeks ago before we pulled them for the year; lots of them have turned red, but some are still stubbornly green, so I will fry them up since my mother is coming over. She and I are the only ones who like the fried green tomatoes. The pie is leftover from Saturday night.

Tuesday: Tomato and Crab soup, goat cheese and pecan Nut Thins
I do have some red tomatoes to use up, and this soup looks very interesting. I don’t like to go all out cooking when the kids are at their dad’s house, though, so cheese and crackers on the side is enough to round out this meal.

Wednesday: Black beans and rice, canned pineapple
I put a lot of veggies in my black beans and rice, so I don’t think I need extras on the side. I may put some Italian sausage in the mix to add some bulk, too.

Thursday: Pork and Tomatillo Stew, cornbread
All the crockpot recipe that require you to add things in the middle of the day usually really bother me, because what is convenient about that? Aren’t crockpots supposed to be for days when you are gone all day? However, I work from home on Thursdays, so this will be fine. I have some tomatillos from the garden still that need to be used up, so there may be more than a pound in this…good for the freezer, right? I bought a gluten-free flour mix I will use in this.

The kids will be at their dad’s for the weekend, so I am not sure what I will have. Maybe tuna salad, although my mayo is looking pretty old. Maybe leftovers. I should be able to get through the week not buying much more than some egg, juice, bananas and soy milk.

I think I will make another turkey and kale frittata tomorrow night for quick breakfasts. We also have cereal, oatmeal and plenty of lunch snacks.

What will you be having this week?

This post will be linked up to Orgjunkie.com for Menu Plan Monday.