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Menu, Week of 7/14



I find it slightly ridiculous that I have been making menus for 15 years or so, and I still feel a bit overwhelmed when I sit down to write out the plan, but there you go. I never said I was rational! I have had changing requirements, everything from vegan to low carb, in my defense. The adjustment makes it a bit difficult.

The real problem, though, is that I am convinced that there is a perfect plan with perfect meals, so I stress too much. I need to just make a good enough plan.

Sunday: The girl was off volunteering at a theater thing, so the boy and I went out.

Monday: Beef stew based on this recipe, cauli-rice

Tuesday: Spiced chicken wings, sauteed kale, sauteed mushrooms

Wednesday: Lamb burgers at my dad’s, sauteed squash, broccoli and onions, fries for the kids

Thursday: Zucchini boats stuffed with coconut curry lamb–the kids may not be thrilled with this, but I have a LOT of squash in my garden!, steamed broccoli

Friday: Teppanyaki Grill, for all you can eat crab legs!

Saturday: Pizza–Meatza pizza for me, with a hamburger “crust”, pizza with a garbanzo bean flour crust for the kids, salad

As always, there are a lot more menu ideas over at orgjunkie.com!